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Alleghany County

True Tales, History, Geography, Folklore & Wildlife of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains and Foothills, Appalachian legends, ghost stories, mountain flora and fauna, Appalachian natural history, extinct and extirpated species, crafts, colorful historic characters, woods lore, mountain landforms, Blue Ridge weather, mountain cooking, Appalachian herbal remedies, past Blue Ridge landscapes, and historic sites.

Blue Ridge Lore contains articles written by Kelly Coffey that have been published in various periodicals, as well as new essays that are presented here for the first time. More stories are added occasionally, and old ones are revised with new information, so check back every once in awhile for fresh material.

Indian Encounters Along the Blue Ridge

The Devil's Stairs

When Wolves Wandered Our Woods

Coldass Creek, Long Hope Mountain, & Elkwallow Knob

Panther Legends & Modern Sightings

Fort Defiance

The Plantation at Fort Defiance

Bordertown Showdown

Nelly’s Tale

Making the Cut

Fried Apples

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

Watauga County Sheriff Heads West

The Buncombe Turnpike

The Bushwhacking Blalocks

The Atlantic in Appalachia: Shad and Eel on the Move

Return of the Natives

Worldwide Weather

Alleghany County

Ghost Stories (New)

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